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Chris Lee

Any technology with the potential to change the world will be met with almost equal amounts of optimism and pessimism...Click here to read full article.

Mainstream media failed to highlight Brazil’s environmental issues during the FIFA World Cup


As the month-long football tournament the FIFA World Cup has now drawn to a close with Germany beating Argentina 1-0 in the final, it’s been a month full of sporting glory covered extensively in the world’s news organisations, magazines and on social media…Click here to read full article.

If you needed more proof that a fossil fuel economy fuels conflict…

Anders Lorenzen

In the last half a year we have seen further evidence mount against fossil fuels and the role they play in creating conflicts. But you would not know that because this is not how it’s being framed by our politicians and mainstream media…Click here to read full article.

Creating clean energy through the power of music

Sudha Kheterpal

I’m a British Asian female percussionist and have been playing on the pop music scene for over twenty years. I’ve toured with the likes of Faithless, The Spice Girls, and Dido and have been lucky enough to play some really big gigs… Click here to read full article.

EU is our single most important tool to tackle climate change

Anders Lorenzen

When the EU election results were coming in, one thing was very clear early on; extreme right wing parties gained huge ground across the union and in France, Denmark and the UK anti EU parties won the election outright… Click here to read full article.

Why I’m voting green

Bryn Kewley

The Green Party employed me for about 6 months when I first moved to London. To be honest I probably spent the first 5 getting to grips with energy policy, strike prices and wasn’t actually much use …Click here to read full article.

Rainforest Alliance says: “DON’T PROTEST!”

Matt Mellen

The Rainforest Alliance undoubtedly does good work enabling more ethical brands to demonstrate they contribute to rainforest conservation so that conscientious consumers can make better choices…Click here to read full article.

Feeding ourselves in a changing climate: from food security to food sovereignty

Jyotsna Ram

Not too long ago, a friend and a fellow activist asked me what I think is the most critical issue facing the world. I answered that although our most immediate crisis is the effect the warming climate is having on the Arctic, the industrial food system will be our silent killer. In fact, the industrial food system is already killing us… Click here to read full article.

Anders Lorenzen

Travelling through the countryside of Germany and Denmark, there is hardly at any point you can’t see any wind turbines spinning in the background. Even in deeply conservative Texas, in the US, wind turbines are becoming a more dominant factor in the landscape and here is the thing – people like it… Click here to read full article.

Anders Lorenzen

As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change unveiled their latest report on the science of climate change dealing with climate impacts, it was largely silent on mainstream media…Click here to read full article.

Anders Lorenzen

When countries set out their cases for energy independence, the main reason is generally cited as the need to ease reliance on oil and gas from unfriendly places…Click here to read full article.