The Paris Climate Talks

World leaders are currently trying to secure a global deal to combat climate change at the crucial COP21 UNFCCC summit in Paris, which runs until December 11th. We are following developments closely from London and Paris and will be updating you regularly on our ‘latest from COP21’ feed page .

As the Eiffel Tower switch on the renewables sign, a record amount of people march for climate action

Green groups have said that a record amount of people across the world took to the streets to call for action onContinue reading

                Art and climate change to take center stage in flagship London event
With the crucial Paris climate talks, COP21 starting today, many are
                arguing that the talks are not receiving the attention and publicity they
                deserve. Much of this can be tracked down to the complexity of the
                issue and the doomsday picture it imprints… Continue reading

As the Paris climate march is canceled, the London march set to be the largest

It was set to be one of the largest climate marches ever, in the city due to host one of the most crucial climate summits. But following the tragic Paris Terrorist attacks… Continue reading

Ahead of the Paris talks, renewed calls to stop funding fossil fuels

With just one week to go until the Paris climate talks, the digital campaigning organisation Avaaz have said that over 550,000 people want world leaders to stop funding fossil fuels… Continue reading

Paris on high-security alert just weeks before crucial climate summit

It was set to be the highest profiled UN climate summit since the failed Copenhagen (COP15) summit in 2009, and optimism for COP21 which starts in two weeks is high… Continue reading

            Opinion: A successful COP21 will take us closer to a sustainable


            This December sees the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) taking
            place in Paris, France to discuss the ever-pressing subject of global
            warming, with the aim of securing a universal and legally-binding…
            Continue reading

Less than a month to Paris: Where are we at?

With the crucial Paris COP21 talks this December fast approaching, the one thing that has so far been agreed by UN member states is that warming must be kept below 2 degrees C. But with current national policies also described as… Continue reading

Opinion: Climate-change reality versus corporate myth-making

It has long been fashionable for every major conference on climate change to be preceded by talk of game-changers, defining moments and even paradigm shifts, but no longer is the anticipation couched exclusively in the positive… Continue reading

Hollande warns that failure to act on climate change could see millions seeking refuge in Europe

The President of France, Francois Hollande, has said that if we don’t step up our efforts in dealing with climate change, we could have millions seeking refuge in Europe in the not so distant future… Continue reading

The road to Paris and beyond: how the world can limit global warming to 2C

The crucial climate change conference in Paris this December could still be deemed a success, even though it is highly unlikely that countries will agree targets to limit global warming to no more than 2C above pre-industrial levels… Continue reading