UK general election 2015


Anders Lorenzen

Esteemed veteran news anchor at the UK’s Channel Four News, has asked why climate change has barely featured in the UK general election….Click here to read full article.

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Who should you vote for in the UK general election if you care about climate change?

Mat Hope

Well, the Green party obviously, right?
Not necessarily. While the Greens may score the best on environmental issues including climate change, the UK’s weird electoral system makes things that much more complicated.


Opinion: Why Labour can deliver on climate change

Anders Lorenzen

In my opinion, on the 7th of May, the best thing environmentalists and green-minded people can do will be to mark their X for Labour…Click here to read full article.

Siemens SWT-3.6-107   Braderup Kreis Nordfriesland Schleswig-Holstein Deutschland/Germany 21.9.2006  Windkraft:  Onshore-Bereich   (PG)  Im Onshore-Bereich errichtet Siemens den größten europäischen Windpark Whitelee in Schottland mit einer installierten Leistung von 322 MW. Im Bild das Repowering-Projekt Braderup im Nordwesten Schleswig-Holsteins. Im Frühjahr 2006 gingen vier Maschinen mit jeweils 2,3 Megawatt (MW) Leistung sowie vier 3,6-MW-Windturbinen ans Netz.   Wind power: Onshore sector (PG)  Europe`s largest onshore wind farm is built by Siemens In Whitelee, Scotland, with an installed capacity of 322 MW. The picture shows the Repowering Project Braderup in the northwest of Schleswig-Holstein. In spring 2006 four units with a capacity of 2.3 megawatts (MW) each as well as four 3.6 MW wind turbines were connected to the network.  Windenergie, Windkraft, Windenergieanlage, Windkraftanlage, Energie,   wind turbine, wind park, wind farm, energy, power,   Media Summit 2007:

Labour pledges to tackle climate change in Green Plan

Anders Lorenzen

UK’s main opposition party, Labour, has unveiled an ambitious plan to tackle climate change, and to grow and support the green economy… Click here to read full article.


What should the next UK government do on cleantech?

Anders Lorenzen

As the UK heads to the polls next month, what should the cleantech priorities be for the next government?… Click here to read full article.


Opinion: To protect the environment, the UK must stay in the EU

Stephen Tindale

Europe will be an issue in May’s General Election. Nigel Farage will make sure of that. Whatever you think of UKIP’s policy proposals, (I think they’re appalling), we have to accept that Farage is better on TV and more charismatic than any other party leader. …Click here to read full article.


Opinion: Why aren`t any of UK’s main political party leaders willing to talk about climate change?

Anders Lorenzen

They all believe climate change is real, they all believe it poses a critical risk to humanity, and they have all unveiled and supported climate change policies...Click here to read full article.