Katie Morrey

Katie Morrey is the Editorial Assistant at A greener life, a greener world (AGLAGW). She is passionate about science communication and wants to pursue a career in science journalism/publishing after doing her degree. She also writes the science communication blog: A Life in BioMed, which aims to explain science concepts and research in a way that someone, who hasn’t studied science since school, can understand. She recently started her third year of studying at The University of Southampton and is about to start her dissertation in BioScience Business. As well as blogging regularly Katie enjoys reading popular science books, watching films and playing for a local women’s football team.  

Katie’s aspirations are to become a popular science book author, who inspires people to take up science. She would also like to travel around America one day.

Kate currently studies BSc. BioMedical Science at The University of Southampton

If you would like to contact Katie you can do this over Email, Twitter or LinkedIn (information below).

Twitter: @KatieMorrey