Guest blog: Tyres to trees

By Jenny Leigh

A fantastic new environmental initiative has been launched here in the UK that allows people to donate their unwanted vehicles and use the money raised through their disposal to plant trees! The website www.scrapcarplanttree.org.uk has been developed by Giveacar (a social enterprise specialising in car donation) and UK charity Trees for Cities. The scheme is set to revolutionise the way people deal with disposing of their old vehicles.

The Scrap Car Plant Tree website provides a service that is the only one of its kind. Scrap Car Plant Tree will arrange the free collection and disposal of an unwanted vehicle and the money made from each disposal will go to UK charity Trees for Cities, which is dedicated to planting and protecting trees in urban spaces.
One of the creators of this scheme, Alex Harvey, Manager at Giveacar says:
“We are thrilled to be part of an idea that will have such a positive impact on the way that people think about their end of life vehicles and the damage they may have done in their lifetime.”
“Each car that is disposed of will offset at least one year’s carbon emissions and vehicles which are auctioned could provide significantly more carbon relief, which can only be a good thing for the environment.”
Scrap Car Plant Tree can plant on average 13 saplings per car disposal which will offset around a year’s carbon emissions, that’s approximately 2 tonnes of carbon. With over 2 million vehicles coming off the road each year, Scrap Car Plant Tree has the potential to plant over 20 million trees across the UK! Idealistic as it sounds, this scheme can really benefit the environment and will hopefully make people start to think about the harmful impact their motoring has had on the environment.
Carbon footprint calculation experts have praised the scheme, Steve Hewson, from co2balance comments:
”This is a great initiative and just the sort of innovative problem solving approach to environmental issues that co2balance applauds.”
“The application of a business methodology to utilise the value of recycle materials to fund great work like this is really impressive.”
What better way to get rid of your old car than by benefitting such a worthwhile environmental cause? If you have an old banger gathering dust in your garage, donate it to Scrap Car Plant Tree to make Britain a greener place.
Jenny works for giveacar.co.uk.

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