Copenhagen: European Green Capital 2014

In 2015 Copenhagen plans for 50% of people cycling to work. Photo credit: Sharing Copenhagen.

By Anders Lorenzen

A year ago we wrote about the French city of Nantes, who in 2013, held the title as European Green Capital, and last year we could tell you that for 2015 the British city of Bristol will hold the title, but in between then, it will be the Danish capital Copenhagen that this year will highlight its green achievements.

Copenhagen is worldwide renowned for being a world leader in sustainability, you might have heard about the city’s goal of being carbon neutral in 2025 and if you’re a cyclist you would most certainly know how Copenhagen are known as a cyclists dream. In 2010, 35% of people living in Copenhagen used a bicycle to commute to work, but in 2015 the aim is for that number to reach 50%.

But what other achievements and goals will be highlighted through 2014 in Copenhagen?

Its North Harbour project, for example, will include a “Green laboratory” that will focus on eco-technologies, a model that can be transferred to other towns and cities. This example of green economic development tackling environmental, economic and social concerns has high potential for replication in the region around the city and beyond.

The organisers also want to show that they’re riding on the social media wave and are urging Copenhageners to send in photos of their favorite Copenhagen spot using the hashtag #sharingcph that highlights the city’s green achievements and in turn you will be entered in a competition where you can win an exclusive Copenhagen experience. The aim is to create a green map of Copenhagen.

The year is divided up into different themes:

  • From January to April the theme will be on urban life. Looking at Cities and sustainability, the smart city, urban space and quality of life.
  • May to July on resource efficiency. On resource use, recycling, waste, food and sustainable consumption.
  • July to August highlighting Copenhagen as a blue and green city with urban solutions such as sea swimming pools, city beaches, parks and green spaces, urban gardening and biodiversity.
  • August to October will be green mobility, no surprise with a heavy focus on cycling, but also accessibility and public transport.
  • October to December will be the big heavyweight with climate change adaptation CO2 reductions and energy renovation.

Copenhagen’s Lord Mayor Frank Jensen said: “It’s a major recognition of Copenhagen’s efforts to do something about climate change that we can now can call ourselves Europe’s green capital. It’s a big pat on the back for everyone who lives in Copenhagen and the city’s businesses that day in and day out do what they can to make Copenhagen a greener, more sustainable city.”

You can keep up to date with events throughout the year on the Sharing Copenhagen website or you can read the full programme here.

Copenhagen’s Green Capital Programme will officially begins today (22nd of January) featuring the grand opening that will include the inauguration of three new wind turbines.

Sub edited by Charlotte Paton

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