Experts warn leaving the EU would be a setback for tackling climate change – video

Leave and remain campaigners clash on the River Thames in London. Photo credit: Gary Knight via Flickr.

In our latest ‘Conversations with Experts’ series, experts voiced concerns about the consequences for our ability to tackle climate change and addressing air pollution if the UK were to leave the EU.

The Director of Weinberg Next Nuclear Foundation, Stephen Tindale, said that the EU mattered a great deal when it comes to tackling climate change.

Mike Childs, Head of Science, Policy and Research at Friends of the Earth pointed out that the Leave campaign sees tackling climate change as a burden rather than an obligation and that they would like to see weaker climate change commitments.

But Fintan Hurley, Scientific Director at the Institute of Occupational Medicine, offered a different perspective. Focusing on his area of expertise, air pollution and health, he emphasised that pollution does not respect borders and therefore the EU is important in tackling air pollution.

The UK public votes on their EU membership tomorrow (23rd of June).

You can watch the full discussion below.

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