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US 2020 Election: Green Voices – Ep 11 – Brett Hartl: Biden’s climate cabinet

Brett Hartl.

By Anders Lorenzen

With the US Senate having finally certified the presidential election results after the recent disruption on Capitol Hill, the path is nowpaved for Joe Biden to be sworn in on January the 20th as the 46th US President.

Since the election, Biden, flanked by his ever growing transition team, has been busy confirming the various nominations for his cabinet. His climate appointees, confirm  that President Elect Biden is serious about putting climate change at the top of his agenda. With Democrats also winning control of the Senate it is very likely that Biden’s will see all his nominees confirmed without any obstructions or delay.

To discuss Biden’s very diverse cabinet and what it will mean for the Biden Administration’s climate agenda, I spoke to Brett Hartl who is the Center for Biological Diversity’s Government Affairs Director. We ran through the most climate related cabinet picks, discussed their significance and what should sit on the top of the Biden’s Administrations ever growing to-do list to reverse four years of severe climate and environmental damage under Donald Trump. 

See the full discussion below.

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