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2017 02 Mission Beach Reefs_NE Ellison_397 by Bette Willis

17 – 23rd of April. Underwater footage of the bleaching at the Mission Beach Reefs. Photo credit: Bette Willis.



10 – 16th of April. From ‘Book review: Images From a Warming Planet. Where has all the water gone. Lake Hume is the largest reservoir in Australia and was set up to provide irrigation water for farms further down the Murray Basin and drinking water for Adelaide. On the day this photograph was taken it was at 19.6% capacity. By the end of the summer of 2009 it dropped to 2.1 % capacity. Such impacts of the drought are likely to worsen as a result of climate change. The last time the water was anywhere near this road bridge was 10 years ago, rendering this no fishing sign, somewhat redundant. Photo credit Ashley Cooper.