US 2012: Newt Gingrich

US is gearing up to election, first we’re going to have half a year or so of the Republicans deciding who their candidate is going to be, this will be done with Republicans having primary’s in each state, which is already well under the way. That candidate will then battle it out with Obama for top spot. Think you’re watching X-Factor? Welcome to US politics. I will do my utmost from now and until the election is over to paint a picture off all the big players and the not so big players with an environmental view.

Today’s point of focus will be Newt Gingrich, which is definitely one of the big players. At the moment it looks like to be a two horse battle between him and Mitt Romney.

Gingrich most recently as the majority of Republicans were out criticizing Obama for turning down the Keystone XL pipeline citing ‘That is just stupid’, something that has been heralded as victory for environmentalists.

But on a general environmental point it’s difficult to know where he actually stand.
He as the majority of Republicans doesn’t believe in Climate Change, but did however support a cap and trade system to reduce carbon emissions, he also believes in developing green technology and has co-authored the book a contract with earth. But also believes in continuing to develop fossil fuels that including coal, but calling it for clean coal.

He speaks strongly about conservatism and biodiversity, but on Energy also believes in increasing US domestic energy production and released the book: ‘Drill here, drill now pay less’ about how reduce energy costs by reducing the reliance on foreign oil and gas.

There is a slight misconception in this that those 2 things doesn’t go hand in hand together. By increasing the US production of fossil fuels will seriously harm conservatism and biodiversity. Look at Oil spill and the biggest in US Gulf of Mexico disaster, which destroyed much of the biodiversity in the area. If they were to increase drilling in the US, the chances of more oil occurring would only increase.
We all know that the coal exploration is devastating to the environment, and that’s not even considering the pollution and emissions it creates when it’s being burned but the actually removal of mountain tops to get the coal, and destructive of nature when mining. So if he feels strongly about conservation, maybe he should review his stand on this.

He need to really come out and clarify his point on this.

Verdict: Gingrich as the future president of the US, will not have any environmental benefit neither to the US or the world. In the matter of fact they will be taking massive steps backwards. He would favor big massive polluting corporations, and will want Oil, Coal and Gas industries to produce more and more. The only slight positive note is that he might see good business sense to develop clean energy in the US, but do not for a second think that he cares about the environment.

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