Is triple glazing the answer to keeping you warm this winter?

Experts are warning us that, due to a record Arctic ice melt this season, the recent trend we have seen of colder than usual winters could continue this year. We know that the UK is one of the most energy ineffecient countries in Europe; with buildings losing a lot of heat and prompting higher energy bills and higher carbon emissions.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, simply replacing your single glazing windows with double glazing could save you approximately £165 pounds a year on energy bills. But perhaps the problem is that, as the UK gradually looks to improve on it’s efficiency the steps being taken are half empty steps. It seems quite strange that, as Scandinavia looks to replace triple glazing with quadruple glazing, the Energy Saving Trust only regards double glazing as improvement. If UK households only seek to invest in and upgrade to double glazing, it will keep us miles behind the rest of Europe when it comes to improving on our efficiency.

But one UK company that understands the importance of triple glazing is the Green Building Store, based in Huddersfield, who have developed a new triple glazing window range called ‘Ecoplus3’  According to their stats, triple glazing is approximately 30 percent more efficient than double glazing. To try to bring those stats to life with everyday temperatures, if we’re imagining it’s really cold outside and inside the room temperature is 21c, next to a single glazed window the temperature will roughly be 1c, next to an old double glazed window it will be 11c and if this were to be a more modernised double glazed window it would be 16c, and finally with a triple glazed window it will be 18c, so only a heat loss of 3 degrees. These physics were worked out by the German PassivHaus institute.

We lose 10-25 percent of heat through our windows and triple glazing is 30 percent more efficient than double glazing. According to the Green Building Store, only triple glazed windows and doors will be the correct specification to complement the necessary high insulation measures of which the existing housing stock needs to address the threat of climate change. Its hard to disagree with that observation.

If you worried about another hard hitting winter and this has wetted your appetite for triple glazing, you can find more info and request a quote at: www.greenbuildingstore.co.uk

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  1. I've done quite a bit of research on this and whilst the cost of windows (and installation together) comes out about 40% more expensive. The savings are made up in saved energy costs on a normal installation, in less than 3 years. You also benefit massively from a reduction in noise polution if you live in such an area.


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