Worlds longest wind turbine blades produced and transported in Denmark

By Anders Lorenzen

Photos William Vinther/SSP Technology

SSP Technology, a danish based company, have just completed the production of wind turbine blades which will so far be the longest wind turbine blades ever produced. They have been produced for a new prototype 7 megawatt (MW) wind turbine, which at first will be placed at an offshore test site in Scotland.

Preparing to leave the site.

The turbines have been bought by Samsung Heavy Industries which will build an offshore wind farm in Korea in 2015 consisting of 12 7MW turbines providing up to 84 MW worth of electricity. Samsung are producing the complete turbine themselves using the blades.

Leaving the site.

The wings were transported on Wednesday to the danish port Esbjerg from where it where shipped to Scotland. As the pictures document, it was quite a challenge transporting the world’s largest wind turbine wings.

On the road.

Each blade weighs 30 tons, has a diameter on 171.2 metres and is 83.5 metres long, the completed turbine will be 110 metres tall and can in just half an hour produce enough electricity to meet the demands for an average danish house for a full year.

Sub edited by Charlotte Paton

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