Waste Less Live More Week: How do we stop food waste?

Photo credit: Waste Watch.

This year’s Waste Watch ‘Waste Less, Live More Week’ kicked off on Monday; this year focusing on ‘better food for all’, highlighting the premise that if we all eat better and waste less our planet will benefit.

The initiative invites everyone to take part in their ‘Better food for all challenge’, which started on Monday with ‘Meat Free Monday’, running all the way through to ‘Seasonal Sunday’ at the end of the week.

Food waste is the Achilles heel of various environmental, social and financial problems – no one denies there is a problem but we are nowhere near finding any long term solutions for it. Year on year, supermarkets and restaurants discard an increasing amount of food waste, whilst climate change related extreme weather events hit global food production, increasing prices and prompting food shortages. A recent UN report warned that food waste has reached a critical level and over a third of food being produced is being wasted.

A greener life, a greener world is proud to be partnering with Waste Watch for ‘Waste Less, Live More Week’ and would like to hear your thoughts on our global food crisis and how we solve it. We are particularly asking:

1) Are supermarkets and restaurants being given an easy ride with relation to food waste and should they be more heavily penalised for the amount of food waste they generate?

2) Is the root of the problem that we live in a globalised food system and is the answer to switch to a local food system?

3) Are the media the enemy here; do they fail to inform ordinary people about when to throw away food? Or is the real enemy ‘Sell By’ and ‘Use By’ days?

4) Similarly are we forgetting to educate the younger generation about where food comes from?

5) Several countries have started producing energy from food waste; is this the way to go to eradicate food waste?

Or perhaps we need to think about other solutions?

How do YOU think we can solve the problem of food waste? Add your thoughts here, tweet us on @Aglagw_Blog or Facebook us.

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