Dutch government files legal case against Russia to free the Arctic 30

Photo credit: Greenpeace
By Anders Lorenzen

On the eve of Greenpeace’s global day of action held to raise awareness of the 28 activists and two journalists who according to the environmental group is held illegal by the Russian government, the Dutch government are moving forward with legal challenges against the Russian government.

From Greenpeace International:

‘’The Dutch government today announced that it would initiate arbitration proceedings against Russia under the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea to secure the release of 28 Greenpeace International activists, plus a freelance photographer and a freelance videographer, currently being detained in Russia on piracy charges’’.

Commenting on the news Greenpeace International’s General Counsel Jasper Teulings said:

“Greenpeace International applauds the Dutch government decision as flag state of the Arctic Sunrise in taking the necessary legal steps to gain the release of the Arctic Sunrise and the Arctic 30, who are being unjustly held. The Netherlands is taking a strong stance in support of the rule of law and the right to peacefully protest. Russian officials will now be called to explain their actions before an international court of law, where it will be unable to justify these absurd piracy allegations. We hope the court will agree with President Putin himself, who has said that the Greenpeace campaigners are certainly not pirates’’.

This news comes just as Greenpeace are today preparing for a global day of solidarity protests around the world at Russian embassies. So far have celebrities like UK comedian TV host Stephen Fry and musical collective Massive Attack come out in support for the Greenpeace activists.

Yesterday Greenpeace International’s Executive Director Kumi Naidoo took to Google+ to clarify the situation with The Arctic 30 (as they have been dubbed by Greenpeace). He talked extensively about what’s at stake in the Arctic, why Greenpeace are taking action and why Russia are breaking international laws by detaining the Greenpeace activists, watch the full hangout below:

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