Abundance Generation in ground breaking partnership with Father Christmas

Photo credit: Abundance Generation
By Anders Lorenzen

Abundance Generation, the crowd funding platform for community owned renewable energy generation have launched a Christmas campaign with the aim of getting people to think about their Christmas consumption and highlighting community energy shares as an ethical way of giving at the festive season.
What could be interpreted as a dig at drinks giant Coca-Cola, they announced they were taking over Father Christmas from a popular drink brand and branding him Green Father Christmas, stating that he was originally green, but only turned red when he was taken over by the well known drinks company.

Photo credit: Abundance Generation

Abundance Generation says that as well as helping Father Christmas find a healthier image, it is suggesting its ‘Green Energy Investment’ as a meaningful gift this Christmas.

Co-founder and joint Managing Director of Abundance Generation, Bruce Davis said: “Yes, we’re stealing Father Christmas from the drinks industry. We’re reuniting him with his green coat because, once again, Christmas is about far more than acquiring ‘things’.  There’s a fast growing shift away from giving material goods, to buying gifts with meaning.  We’re pretty sure Father Christmas would approve of our Green Energy Investments.  A gift that’s helping to create a clean energy future, as well as a secure return for people.”
In a very rare interview, Father Christmas agreed that it was time for a change: “Some of the elves at Abundance Generation have come up with a gift of a ‘green energy investment’, perfect for those boys and girls who already seem to have everything! Over the last few years I’ve received an increasing number of letters requesting less disposable ‘stuff’. I’m relieved really, I get great joy from making people happy but was really beginning to worry about the environment. All these things are being shipped around the world before arriving in Lapland, and millions of presents end up as clutter or in a hole in the ground.”
Abundance Generation says that the gift of a Green Energy Investment includes Abundance Generation membership and a handful of their green energy debentures. You can choose from a gift an investment of £5, £10, £50, £100 or £1,000 in solar or wind power projects across the UK, helping friends and family be part of the shift to clean energy. This offers a fixed return of 6.65% IRR over a 19 year duration.
In related news Abundance Generations Nottingham solar project Sun Share Community Nottingham, which is also the largest solar project in the city, have broken crowdfunding records by raising £500,000 from 337 people in just under a month.

You can browse your Green Energy Investment gift here.
Sub edited by Charlotte Paton

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