clean energy

Video: Moms want renewable energy

Cynthia Redwine.

Renewable energy has emerged as a strong campaign issue for mothers in the US. Leading up
to Mother’s Day 2014 which in the majority of the world’s countries were celebrated yesterday (11th of May) Greenpeace USA released the film ‘Solar Moms – The Ripple Effect’ (see below).

The film follows four mothers involved in clean energy projects. They talk about how renewable energy offers a vital role in securing a clean and healthy future for their kids, as well as educating them about the benefits clean energy provides to combat climate change and protecting the environment.

One of the mothers interviewed Cynthia Redwine is the co-founder of the solar energy installer Renewable Energy Design Group. She says the more we can do to get solar on homes, the less we need to pull it from the grid which means we need to build less coal-fired power plants that pollute our air, water and land and it will leave behind a healthier world for our kids.

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