The carbon cost of the World Cup

Photo credit: Carbon Visuals.
Carbon Visuals, an organisation that uses visuals to document the impact of carbon emissions, have produced visuals documenting the carbon footprints of the 2014 World Cup.


The FIFA World Cup that concluded in Brazil on Sunday eve with Germany beating Argentina 1-0 in extra time, are by the organisers said to have been the greenest World Cup ever.


But with corporate association with the World Cup rising, more people than ever having traveled to watch (even though the might not be able to get a ticket), more money than ever being spent on construction of Stadiums, infrastructure projects and promotion as well as increase in media coverage, how green is the World Cup really?


Courtesy of Carbon Visuals, the striking images below illustrate what price the planet had to pay for the World Cup. 
Photo credit: Carbon Visuals
Photo credit: Carbon Visuals.
Photo credit: Carbon Visuals.

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