Green living gradually receiving support from ordinary households

Trying to do a little good for the environment doesn’t require anything like as much effort as it once did for ordinary households. Nowadays, local councils have regular collections for recyclable materials like paper, plastic and glass, while an increasing number of people are getting their energy from renewable sources installed in their properties, but how far are they willing to go to be green?

There’s no denying that environmental factors will play a part in how we live sooner or later, but a significant number of people are already showing a desire to live a little greener than they do right now. A survey for Pod-Space found that some would go to great lengths, even when it came to choosing their next home.

Home and away
The survey found that more than one in three people (36.2%) would take environmental factors into account when buying a house. What may seem less surprising is that, when asked the same question about buying transport, 61.5% said they would consider its environmental impact, possibly looking at fuel consumption and emissions.

When it comes to recycling, the survey suggested that many are in support, with 72.6% of respondents saying that they recycled because they wanted to make a difference to the environment. A further 20.9% cheekily admitted that they recycled to avoid receiving a fine from their local council, however, 44.1% of those taking part in the survey said they felt that recycling ‘didn’t make much of a difference’.

Green shoots

An encouraging stat to come from the survey found that 80.2%, just over four out of five people, said they would recommend living a little greener to friends and family. Should this play out nationwide, then there’s every chance that more of us will recycle, be more economical and try to get our food, clothes and technology from sustainable sources in the not too distant future.

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