Emma Thompson: Without the ice the earth will fall

Photo credit: Greenpeace / Nick Cobbing.

Esteemed British actress Emma Thompson has following a Greenpeace trip in the Arctic on their ship the Esperanza released a powerful poem stating that we need to protect the Arctic. Released by the group on YouTube she has called for the creation of a sanctuary in the Arctic Ocean.


Mrs Thompson was accompanied on the trip with her daughter Gaia Wise, Canadian actress Michelle Thrush and her daughter Imajyn Cardinal. During the trip they witnessed the transformation the Arctic had undergone due to climate change, and learned from scientists who were carrying out research.

Mrs Thompson who has been a Labour supporter all her life carried out a bit of political activism too, holding out placards with messages to world leaders. The placard with the most attention was designated to the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott which read: ‘’Tony Abbott: Climate Change is real, I’m standing on it!’’ Mr Abbott is frequently in the firing line from environmentalists for his climate change denying rhetoric.

The Academy Award winning actress would be hoping that her involvement in the campaign which on Twitter have so far gained support from other A-list names such as Stephen Fry, Hugh Grant, Russell Crowe and Gwyneth Paltrow would bring further awareness and political mobilisation to make the Arctic a global sanctuary.

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