Climate Summit 2014

Video: Powerful poem blows the audience away at New York climate summit

Photo credit: United Nations.

Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner  took the center stage at the opening ceremony of the Climate Summit 2014 and read out a poem that stunned the audience, giving her a standing ovation. Ms Jetnil-Kijiner were UN’s Civil Society Representative from the Marshal Islands at the summit. The New York climate summit which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday (23rd & 24th)  had been arranged by UN’s Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to scale up action on climate change.

On Saturday and Sunday record breaking climate marches had been taking place across the world that had drawn Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Edward Norton and Emma Thompson.

Ms Jetnil-Kijiner urges in the poem which is written for her daughter, the world not to forget Island States like the Marshall Islands in climate negotiations.

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