Video: Spanish Navy reacts violently to Greenpeace protest against oil drilling off the Canary Islands

The Spanish Navy as they prepare to ram into a Greenpeace boat during an oil protest. Photo credit: Greenpeace.

The Spanish Navy has come under fire from Greenpeace after allegedly ramming their boat into a Greenpeace boat during an anti-oil protest off the Canary Islands.

The collision caused serious injury to a 23-year-old Italian activist. During the incident, she ended up in the water and injured herself. In the video below we witness her screaming in agony until the Spanish Navy eventually helps her to safety. Greenpeace says the woman suffered a fracture and two cuts and had to be evacuated to a hospital in Las Palmas.

In the video, it also appears that the Spanish Navy deliberately rammed the Greenpeace boat, which has caused an angry response from Greenpeace who says the Navy’s actions put the lives of their peaceful activists at risk.

Greenpeace’s ship the Arctic Sunrise was occupying the proposed drill site of the oil company Repsol because in their opinion oil drilling will put local tourism and the local ecosystem at risk. The local population are siding with Greenpeace.

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