climate denialism

Senator James Inhofe throws a snowball to prove that global warming is a hoax

Jim Inhofe uses a snowball to disprove global warming. Photo credit: YouTube.

By Anders Lorenzen

A US Republican Senator last month controversially used a snowball to try to prove that global warming is not real.

During a climate change debate in the US Senate, Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe, a well known Republican climate denier who heads the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, has stated that the unseasonal cold weather of recent years proves climate change is a hoax.

In the video above, shared by the likes of the Washington Post and Huffington Post, Inhofe refers to a particular severe snowstorm five years ago and a number of snowstorms parts of the US has experienced this winter, insisting that they prove global warming is not happening. Inhofe even documented a photo of his family in front of a mini igloo his daughter had built.  As he held up a snowball to the camera, The Senator said ‘’We keep hearing that 2014 has been the warmest year on record, I ask the chair, do you know what this is? It’s a snow ball, from outside here. It’s very very cold out there, very unseasonal – catch this’’, after which he throws the snowball.

A subsequent Washington Post editorial declared that Inhofe’s stunt was ‘a national embarrassment’.

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