Adam Mann

Opinion: Inaction on climate change will make another world war inevitable

It has been argued that the Syrian civil war started as a result of a four year drought.
Photo credit: abdullatif anis via Flickr.

By Adam Mann

First and foremost what those world leaders involved in climate change need to understand is that the consequences are not going to be for some nebulous future generation. It is their children and grandchildren who face, literally, no future. Long before the “final” devastation, resources will continue to dwindle to a point where world war is inevitable. To quote Albert Einstein, “I do not know what world War three will be fought with but World War four will be fought with sticks and stones”.

There is a deeper cut however. If you accept that the occurrence of Life and its subsequent development cannot possibly have been the consequence of some impossibly vast series of random events then we know that it must inevitably have been the consequence of Intelligent Design and Intention by an Intelligent Creator. Religion is important to every individual who practices it and the demonstration of the absolute existence, in scientific terms, of an Intelligent Creator in no way conflicts with or seeks to contradict this. Rather it enforces it. It offers strength even to non-believers that there is much, much more to the world than is readily apparent.

What does this mean for climate change? It means that the recognition of a superior being must in absolute terms put things in a totally different concept. The whole concept and thrust of international politics must change completely. The concept of nationalism clearly will continue. The way in which national interests  are best served however must become different. Leaders need to look outwards seeking to improve the world situation overall for the consequential benefit of their individual nations in due course.

For example concepts of some form of greenhouse gas emission reduction over x years will not do in any way! The whole thrust must be to achieve massive change in every arena NOW! I am not even going to try and introduce a dialogue about the areas, there are so very, very many!  Our embryonic Earth provides sufficient natural energy to make the busing (and waste) of fossil fuels completely unnecessary. This must absolutely totally become the main thrust.

Government’s must recognise that they cannot do this alone with their cumbersome quangos and committees. They must engage with dedicated individuals and organisations to work together to achieve this!

A pipe dream? It simply cannot be because the world leaders need to realise that it is THEIR CHILDREN that have no future.

Adam Mann lives in the UK and works extensively as a forensic investigator. He has spent over twenty years researching the material for this book, his first published non-fiction. The Intelligent Creation of Life. It’s available 15 September 2015 at online and at and can be ordered from selected bookstores.

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