Ciudad Victoria

A windy boost to Mexico’s growing wind energy industry

A wind farm in Mexico. Photo credit:
Walmart via Flickr.
By Anders Lorenzen

Latin America has been earmarked for significant growth in the renewable energy industry. Due to the growing thirst for alternative energy in the region, where climate change is having a growing impact, clean energy investors are bullish about the potential for the region.

One of the investors is the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas. Recently they confirmed a new order received from Mexico for 30 wind turbines with a combined generating capacity of 99 megawatts (MW). The order is to build two wind farms, to be constructed in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas. The construction of La Mesa (49.5 MW) and Ciudad Victoria (49.5 MW) is expected to commence in the fourth quarter of this year, with commissioning of the turbines expected in the third quarter of 2016.

But it is not the only order Vestas has received from the tacos-eating country. Earlier in May they signed the order for the 149 MW Tres Mesas wind project, which is also located in the Tamaulipas region. Marco Graziano, President of Vestas Mediterranean, said about the project: ‘’With this new wind farm, Vestas strengthens its position in the Mexican market and confirms its commitment to developing the wind energy sector in this country’’.

Combined, the projects will add a total of 248 MW of wind power to Tamaulipas electricity grid which is equivalent to the yearly electricity use of 760,000 Mexican electricity consumers.

Vestas installed its first Mexican wind farm in 1994, and the first in the Tamaulipas region in 2013.

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