The P.E.A. Awards shines a light on UK’s green heroes

Jarvis Smith, founder of the P.E.A. Awards. Image Credit to Radski

By Katie Morrey

Katie Morrey writes about what green ideas have inspired her, after attending the P.E.A. awards in Brighton.

The P.E.A. (People, Environment, Achievement) Awards, which are now in their fifth year, was held in Brighton on the 3rd October 2015. The awards ceremony recognizes green heroes both locally, nationally and internationally in a number of categories ranging from Product, Individual, Money, Energy and more. The winners of the categories, according to the P.E.A. awards website are “pioneering individuals and teams that are most deserving of recognition for their environmental achievements”. Jarvis Smith, the founder of the P.E.A. Awards, said, ‘The theme of this year’s P.E.A. Awards ceremony was Revolution. For me, that means people – from the ground up – taking responsibility and actioning the changes that this world so badly needs. I am thrilled that we’re able to recognize and honor tonight’s award winners, who are leading the charge in the shift to a more conscious existence’. Here at a Greener life, a greener world we wanted to give you a highlight of some of the positive and inspiring projects that were awarded on the night.
Mr. Will Cottrell founded Brighton Energy Coop in 2010 after being inspired by community wind farms in Denmark, and community solar projects in Germany. In the last 4 years, Brighton Energy has raised £680,000 in investments to fund solar panels in the Brighton area. Currently, there are 5 installed projects in Brighton and Hove, including the a huge 880 panels on Shed 10 at Shoreham Port. This is the largest installation in the city. Brighton Energy co-op was also able to pay a £50K loan three years early.
NGO/Team /P.E.A. Champ = Great British Oceans Coalition
The Team from London won all three of these awards at the event, a huge achievement. The coalition comprises of seven like-minded NGOs that champion the creation of the World’s first generation of large, fully protected Marine Parks in the UK and oversea territories.
Clare Brook, CEO of the Blue Marine Foundation (part of the Great British Oceans Coalition), said, “The whole GB Oceans team was beyond thrilled to win four P.E.A. Awards, including Overall Champion 2015.We have already achieved so much this year in getting the world’s largest marine reserve designated around Pitcairn and a manifesto commitment to create a ‘blue belt’ around the 14 UK Overseas Territories.”
The Great British Oceans Coalition Team with their awardsImage Credit to Radski

Transport = BioBus Team
The Bio-Bus team from Bristol won the award for Transport. The Bio-Bus was developed by a UK-based company called GENeco and is the first bus in the UK to be powered by gas derived from food, sewage, and commercial liquid wastes. On a full tank of gas the bus can travel over 300km; a full tank is the annual food and sewage waste of just 5 passengers.
Town/City = Eco-Bicester
Bicester Eco-Town (Oxfordshire) has embedded sustainable development throughout the whole fabric of the town. With the North West of Bicester acting as a catalyst, Bicester is designed to be easily replicable and can be used by all local authorities, in particular, places where new developments are proposed to be built. Lewis Knight, the Bioregional project manager of Bicester Eco-Town said, “This important project would be relatively straightforward to scale up – and that would have a massive impact.”
Community = Blooming Marvelous and Emma Whitlock
There was two winner of this category. Blooming Marvels won the local community award. Miss Emma Whitlock from LOVEmyBEACH was the national winner.
Mrs. Lin Swords and Lydia Keys were appalled last year that because of council budget cuts, there would be no Christmas Tree for the Town of Stanford Le Hope, Essex. Ever since they have been fighting to improve the community from reinstating hanging baskets to developing allotments.

Miss Emma Whitlock is the Beach Care Officer in Fylde (Wigan). LOVEmyBEACH works with 7 committed groups who remove litter from their favorite beaches. It campaigns to work together to keep local beaches and bathing waters clean.

Not only were the winners and runners-up of the awards environmentally conscious people and companies, but so were all the companies that were behind the event. From the three course meal that was full vegan, prepared by the chefs at Brighton’s zero waste restaurant Silo, to the desert bowls made from naturally fallen Indian palm leaves by The Wholeleaf Co. The nominations for next year’s awards are now open, so if you know of an environmentally friendly and impactful company or person then please nominate them on the P.E.A. website.

Katie is A greener life, a greener world’s Editorial Assistant. You can read more about her here.

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