Steven Sherwood and Peter Hannam discuss Australia’s recent cuts to climate science

A rally protesting the Australia governments science jobs cuts. Photo credit: Takver via Flickr.

In the second of our ‘Conversations with Experts’ interview series, we facilitated a discussion between Peter Hannam, Environment Editor at the Sydney Morning Herald, and Prof. Steven Sherwood, Director of the Climate Research Centre at the University of New South Wales.

Topics included Australia‘s recent funding cuts to climate science work, the recent Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching and how this will all factor into the Australian election July 2016.
During the course of the 15 mins discussion (watch the full interview above), Hannam described the Australian government’s latest cuts to climate science as ‘an assault’, whilst Sherwood called them ‘really scary’. The cuts come in the wake of the recent devastating Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching event, which Sherwood expressed surprise that there had not been more international outcry about it.
And reflecting on how these issues will play into the Australian election next month, Hannam pointed out that neither of the two parties have done much to block the development of new coal mines, which will be even more damaging to the Reef as they will add billions worth of CO2 to the atmosphere.

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