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Poem: A holiday tale


By Dr James Hansen

I woke with a start to see what was the matter;

not a creature was stirring, except the Mad Hatter.


Then tossing and turning, until the next thing;

a vision appeared, of Rex the new King.


Lo, listen, his words, they bring forth great wonder;

soft-spoken and wise, but ringing like thunder!


I sank into a dream, as sugar plums danced;

the birds were all singing, the animals pranced.


I woke with a start, now what was the matter;

no mouse was stirring, just the Mad Hatter!


I stole it, he said, that is the bad thing;

I stole fee and dee, from Rex the new King!


Nay, madman, calm down, go back and snore;

there was Alligator Shoes, and even much more.


Fears slowly subsided, back into a haze;

till Shoes exposed PACON, from those early days.


It was eight years ago, and we already knew;

twas clear what to do, twas no reason to sue!


We tried a note then, and we tried a letter;

if it were delivered, twould have been better.


By Michelle and Barack, it never was read,

perhaps Ivanka and Pa? What can be said?


Some changes are needed, in a new letter,

hi-tech advances, have made some things better.


I woke with a start, no time for a romp,

all gators and crocks, in the Washington swamp!


Rex the new King, would battle for sure,

but can he survive, in swamp and manure?


All gators and crocks, sleep well in their bed;

the trough has enough, they both are well fed.


All gators it seems, work for the left-wing;

they steal carbon dough, for their socialist thing.


All crocks are so smart, or so they all say,

reduce other taxes, so rich ones can play.


Are there no heroes – some good ones, you bet;

first there is Saunders, then Reynolds and Lynette.


They started a group, they call CCL;

they preach common sense, they do very well.


If carbon dough goes, to all, and the same;

middle class and below, they can win the game.


If prices are honest, all people can see;

people and business, their choices are free.


The economics is clear, all studies agree;

millions of new jobs, a rising GNP.


Carbon fee raises prices, of things from afar;

brings back manufacture, beats jaw-boning by far.


Most important of all, for all things held dear,

it saves our own world, for all the life here.


The children will nestle, all snug in their beds,

But now we must deliver for them, after the happy holidays – darn it! – time really is running out.


Hope you have good holidays!

First published in Climate Science,  Awareness and Solutions.

James Hansen is former director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and is now adjunct professor at the Columbia University Earth Institute, USA.


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