Earth Day

Earth Day 2017 – A focus on sustainable palm oil plantations

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Photos: John Novis.

Text: Anders: Lorenzen.

This Earth Day we wanted to point our readers towards something not often seen. Sustainable palm oil plantations.

We have all heard about the devastating impacts of the mass expansion of palm oil plantations in Indonesia. This has driven rapid deforestation and resulted in a huge impact on biodiversity and the rich animal life in the regions.

But today we’re bringing you a different story, courtesy of environmental photographer John Novis.

His photos document the Dosan Community in the village of Siak in the Riau Province of Indonesia.

Mr Novis told us how oil palm plantations have expanded rapidly over the past two decades in Indonesia. Clearing large swathes of natural forest and critical peatland areas. The local population have been promised economic development. Though jobs for the local communities have not come to fruition for many. However, an innovative, independent smallholder approach to palm oil production has been born. This has delivered social and economic benefits and helped protect the remaining forest. The Dosan community has committed to protecting its forests and is moving to improved environmental management practices. These include zero burning, no herbicide use and improved water management to maintain the peatland water system.

During today and the coming weeks, we will be uploading the photos to our Instagram account. Please engage with us using the hashtag #greenerworldgram on this story and many others.

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  1. I truly support sustainable palm oil! Not only do they bring socio-economic benefits to the people in the producing countries, but also is the most productive oil crop!


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