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Editorial: In this UK election we’re endorsing a Labour / Lib Dem / SNP/ Green coalition 



The upcoming  UK election is perhaps the most important ever. Whoever becomes the UK’s Prime Minister on 13th December will not only shape the country’s relationship with the EU but will also determine how to respond to the growing climate emergency.

We believe this issue is so big that it cannot be trusted upon one political party. 

The Conservatives have proved that they cannot be trusted on climate;  whilst they talk the talk on climate change in the lead up to the election, let’s not be fooled that there’s any other motivation for that other than attracting voters, especially young ones. The fact is that Boris Johnson has flirted with climate denialism and empowered climate deniers with key positions in his cabinet. Furthermore, the evidence suggests that if we were to get that hard Brexit Johnson so desperately wants and which a Tory majority would guarantee, the government would slash environmental and climate regulations and secure us a trade deal with the US and it’s current climate-denying administration. 

In contrast, the approaches taken by Labour, the Lib Dems, SNP and the Greens in tackling the climate emergency are not perfect, and all have flaws, however, each party appears to be more genuine on the issues. Furthermore, they appear to appreciate the EU’s importance in tackling the climate emergency whether through the UK staying in the EU, our maintaining a close partnership. For this reason, come the 12th of December, our stance is that a coalition government between Labour, the Lib Dems, SNP and the Greens is best positioned to tackle the climate emergency.

An outline of some the environmental highlights in the various manifestos; 

Labour has unveiled an ambitious tree planting scheme, promising to plant two billion trees by 2040 and create ten new national parks. 

The Lib Dems say they will launch a frequent flyer tax. 

The SNP says they will demand that the rest of the UK’s emissions reductions targets matches the more ambitious legally binding one in Scotland

The Green Party promises major heating upgrades for a million homes a year and the creation of a 100,000 energy-efficient council houses each year. 

None of the parties has the perfect solution to tackle the climate crisis, but if they all agree to work together this coalition could deliver the most ambitious approach to tackling the climate challenge undertaken by any UK government.

On the 12th of December, the most important thing is to prevent the Conservatives from retaining the keys to number 10. Whether you’re a Labour, Lib Dem, SNP or Green Party supporter, what is important is that you vote tactically with the planet in mind.  

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