Green Voices – Episode 5 – Henrik Lund –  what forces are changing our current food system?


Henrik Lund.

By Anders Lorenzen

Despite Denmark having one of the largest per capita meat consumptions in the world, the transition to a more flexitarian and plant-based diet is fast underway in the country. 

To learn more about this I caught up with Henrik Lund, the CEO of Denmark’s leading plant-based food company Naturli. The company hit the headlines a couple of years ago when they created a meat alternative to minced beef that quickly gained global popularity and has since become a supplier to many overseas supermarket chains, including Sainsbury’s in the UK

Highlights of what we discussed included climate change and agriculture, how and why Danes are changing their diet, what made the company go from an exclusively Danish market to global markets, the link between animal agriculture and the COVID-19 pandemic and the company’s philosophy for what plant-based products must be to achieve mass consumer appeal. 

You can watch the full interview below.

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