Green Voices – Ep 8 – Svitlana Romanko & Julia Pashkovska – two members of Ukraine’s climate movement

Climate activists and members of the Ukrainian branch of Photo credit:

By Anders Lorenzen

We hear a lot about active climate movements in the US, western Europe and Australia but not so much about what’s happening in places like Ukraine, where the narrative tends to focus on their battle with and reliance on big brother Russia, the uprising in 2012 and the annexation of Crimea.

But when I had the chance to catch up with Svitlana Romanko & Julia Pashkovska from the global climate activist group they were able to share with me that there is actually an active and growing climate movement in Ukraine which they have been involved in building up.

In our conversation, we discussed how to get Ukrainians engaged in the climate crisis, what campaigns are working on in the country, what the challenges are, how realistic it is to look towards a clean energy future in the country and how the country can reduce its reliance on using coal.

You can watch the full interview below.


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