Madagascar Christmas appeal – Introducing our campaign 

A child’s arm is being measured for malnutrition. Photo credit: Daniel Wood.

By Anders Lorenzen

In October, the UN reported that Madagascar was on the brink of suffering the world’s first climate famine.

Leading up to the UN climate summit COP26 we saw powerful climate reporting like this excellent report by Sky News’s Alex Crawford documenting the Madagascar climate famine including terrible footage showing how people and especially children and babies were fighting for their survival.

Terrible and upsetting scenes show the harsh realities of climate change

This comes as the climate summit again struggled to agree on finance that would help the most vulnerable countries deal with the impacts of climate impacts.

We are now entering a decade where we ramp up the spending on the clean energy economy, but at the same time, we must also spend far more on climate adaptation in the most vulnerable countries.

One of the world’s most climate-vulnerable countries

Madagascar is currently listed as number one amongst the ten most climate-vulnerable countries in the world.

One of the organisations during critical relief efforts in the country is that of Seed Madagascar. Lisa Bass from the organisation told A greener life, a greener world that throughout this year they have been working on emergency food distribution across 41 villages in the southeast and they have had almost a 100% success rate for the 921 children they supported showing that their work is really making a difference. 

But clearly, a lot more work is needed, Bass explained to me that even with all the work they and other organisations is not before adding:” Although the continued support in the emergency is vital, with the impacts of climate change here to stay, it is important that we also support communities to achieve long term resilience through building up their skills and resources as soon as we can.”

The situation in Madagascar is likely to get worse before it gets better and that’s why we throughout December will support Seed Madagascar’s vital fundraising campaign and we encourage our readers to do the same.

You can donate via the below link.

During December we will bring more coverage looking deeper into the issues facing the country.

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