Editorial – Dilma need to listen to her people

The lungs of our planet is in trouble we all know that, but that trouble could very well be strengthened. The Brazilian congress have just passed a bill that would be simply devastating for the protection of the Amazon Rainforest. It would relax several deforestation laws and will favor loggers and industries who want to exploit and destroy it. This would accelerate deforestation in what is one of the few environmental battles currently being won. In 2011 we saw the lowest rate of deforestation since records began in 1977.

This has only been achieved because of Brazil’s tough deforestation laws, and by relaxing this that number will again rise and it will be a war we would start to lose again. The good thing is that the Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff have the power to veto this, and the pressure will grow on her to do so up until the deadline of the 25th of May.

The only democratic thing of her is to veto it as 79% of Brazilians wishes her to do so. If we want a future for ourselves and the coming generations, preserving and protecting the Amazon is absolutely crucial. A petition set up by Avaaz has already generated over 1.5 million signatures, a petition that is supported by both Greenpeace and WWF. By putting your name to Avaaz’s petition and signing this Greenpeace email you will be adding to momentous pressure building up on Dilma. Make sure your voice is heard and that on the 20th of June when she opens the Rio Earth Summit it will be having vetoed that disastrous forest bill.

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