What does one do when one keeps being disgusted over the lack of media coverage on the issue of Tar Sands exploration in ones home country of Denmark?

When looking back at it now, it could be seen as an insane idea to set up a Tar Sands campaign in a country you don’t presently live in, in a country where interest in the environment has drastically declined in the wake of the failed Cop 15 talks in Copenhagen and the global economic crisis. But that was nevertheless what I decided to do when I got so frustrated that the Danish media was not discussing Tar Sands and Danes did generally not seem to be aware of the biggest environmental destruction on our planet.

When International Stop the Tar Sands Day announced that the fifth of May would be the global day of action of 2012, (later down the line 350 announced that their global impacts day named as Climate Dots would also be on the very same date, we wanted to combine this with our activity and worked hard to implement that) despite being located in London, I decided that now was the time to take Tar Sands to Denmark.

This was back in February, and looking back at where we were then and where we’re now it’s an understatement to try an express how astonished I am. My first action was to contact my London based friend Kirstie who organised the Cop 15 climate march. Before we knew it, using her contacts we had a solid working group of four people that steadily grew, and with regular Skype meetings and brainstorms we soon developed some kind of idea of what we could do to kick start a movement in Copenhagen.

Yesterday in Copenhagen, our small dream became a reality and we launched our campaign focused on the Danish pension funds who are investing a large sum of money in the largest oil companies whom we know are heavily involved in Tar Sands project; with our campaign we’re questioning the Danish governments ambition to go 100% renewable by 2050. We protested this inconsistency through an effective flash mob on Stroget (the main walking street) in Copenhagen while leafleting. Stunned Danes stopped up to talk to us about what we were doing.

This is just the beginning of our campaign and our movement, and the next few months will show how we move on from here, but one thing is for sure an important significant step have been made.



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