Book review of ‘Eaarth’ by Bill McKibben

Book: Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet
Author: Bill McKibben (2010)
Review: Even though ‘Eaarth’ is already slightly out of date, with environmental statistics, science and technological advances moving so fast, it’s a fascinating book which paints a detailed and compelling picture of our pressing macro and micro climate challenges and potential solutions, in places ranging from Vermont where McKibben lives to multilateral summits such as the COPs and Rios of the world. As an American journalist, author and campaigner he can be forgiven for writing for a predominantly American audience, but I do confess to feeling a little frustrated about the lack of European references. I felt there was plenty of scope for more details about the Transition Town movement in the UK, and some of the many pioneering and successful renewables community ownership schemes in Scandinavia and Germany for example. However, he writes well and has definitely done his sociological and scientific research; overall I came away frightened, enlightened and even more determined to make a worthwhile contribution to the sustainable future we must all forge from here on. 
Score: Four stars out of five!

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