Book review of ‘How bad are bananas: The carbon footprint of everything’ by Mike Berners-Lee

Book: How bad are bananas: The carbon footprint of everything
Author: Mike Berners-Lee

Review: At the start of this great book, the author explains that he’s not set out to write a preachy polemic about the merits of a low carbon lifestyle, however instead is set on myth-busting several misconceptions about the ‘carbon cost’ of everyday activities in order that we can all enjoy a genuinely informed debate on the issue. I think he succeeds beautifully at this and has produced a hugely well researched reference book which I personally learnt a great deal from. Who knew for example that synthetic materials are far preferable in carbon terms to natural fibres in clothing, and that the average plastic bag actually has a significantly lower ‘carbon debt’ than a paper one. Readers are likely to enjoy the light, humorous tone of the book, whilst equally appreciating the meaningful and important statistics it shares. Definitely an informative, educational and enjoyable read for green geeks and bookworms alike.

Score: 3.5 out of 5!

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