Dreaming of the Greenest Car Ever

With current technologies available today how efficient and green can a car be produced today? As Wolkswagen are preparing to launch their newest edition of the Golf brand a very much Wolkswagen website appeared last week in the face of the ‘’Golf jedi edition’’. It was showing a car being prepared to be unveiled with the above name and proclaiming how green the car will be.

That unveiling took place last night in the dark and damp Old Vic tunnels in the shadows of Waterloo station, London. But it was of course not Wolkswagen who were behind this, but environmental campaign group Greenpeace as it’s next leg of their campaign to put pressure on the car making giant. They’re claiming that Wolkswagen themselves have developed the technologies to make their cars a lot greener but simply are not using them to a large enough extent.

The unveiling were led by Darth Wader accompanied by two stormtroopers, as the excited crowd anticipated this exciting new car.This was then replaced by the massive disappointment when Darth Wader revealed that there was no new car and it was all one big JOKE!

This is the latest attempt by Greenpeace to call for Wolkswagen to use the technologies they have developed in all their cars and not only a small fraction which is the case today. Since the campaign started last year Wolkswagen have made some green strides but obviously not enough to satisfy Greenpeace.

Interesting this comes around the same time that the Obama administration have put in place tough efficiency standards for cars and trucks at 54.5 MPG (mile per gallon) by 2025, moves that were backed by big US car makers including Ford but opposed Wolkswagen.

The criticism of the German car manufacturer is based upon them misleading their customers as their green technologies are only used in a small fraction of their cars. On top of this they’re heavily lobbying the German government to oppose and EU law of increasing the 2020 emission targets from twenty to thirty percent. As a result Germany are one of only a few countries within EU who oppose this.

Upon yesterday’s unveiling the jedi edition golf site then changed back to this Greenpeace action page proclaiming that there never was a green car and urging people to sign up to the campaign.

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