Solar Power exploding in Denmark

When thinking about renewable energy in Denmark you would naturally think about wind power as it accounts for roughly 20% of Denmarks electricity production. The solar power industry have for a long period laid dormant due to the high cost. But this is all rapidly changing as a generous feed in tariff style system has been introduced by the newish Democratic led government.
It goes without saying that what we’re seeing across the board in terms of the increase of efficiency and the cost coming down also is evident in Denmark. But it’s clear that the sudden rise in popularity is down to the government decision to invest in solar panels which wasn’t previously and ambition and it’s all part of the long term goal of becoming fossil fuel free by 2050.
Across the country new installations is constantly popping along with a host of new installers. But it has not only taken of residentially but also commercially are they seeing the benefit of Solar Panels. Insurance and pension bank Topdanmark recently opened the biggest array amongst the Nordic countries. The array covers 3.042 panels placed on a roof area of 5000 square meters and delivers 750.000 kWh annually. It was opened by former Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen who as well as being leader of his party Venstre also have been appointed chairman of Global Green Growth Institute and EU climate change Commissioner Connie Hedegaard. ‘’From a European perspective there is good reason to learn about Topdanmarks invetsment in sustainable energy. I will take your example and showcase it to the world’’  Connie Hedegaard stated. Chief Christian Sagild said the motivation behind the investments was Topdanmarks desire to reduce Denmarks CO2 emissions and at the same time reduce their expenses.
Time will tell if the growing demands in Solar Power will continues to soar in Denmark and if other businesses will take the example of Topdanmark.

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