Photo exhibition: Tilting at Windmills

When it comes to wind turbines one thing we for sure can all agree on is that in the UK they’re highly controversial. It’s a debate that’s raging from the very right to the left, the right being Daily Mail who seems to believe that everything about wind turbines are bad and that they don’t work and the left being the Guardian who would state the complete opposite.

Colin in front of two of his pictures. Copyright: Anders Lorenzen

Climate Change photographer Colin Cafferty who set up Climate Change Cafe, a website that through his own words aims to inspire action and raise awareness on Climate Change through photography decided to document wind turbines on the landscape in Norfolk, UK. There wind turbines is a vocal talking point. In Colin’s mind he sees the visual impact on the landscape as the biggest hurdle and so far he hasn’t seen a photo exhibition to reflect this, that’s why he set up the exhibition of which he named ‘Tilting at windmills’. The UK has the greatest wind potential in Europe and therefore they rely on wind power to meet their renewable targets Colin underlines.

Spending time in the local community while photographing the turbines Colin found that there is no middle ground either you are against it or for it. Prior to taking on the project Colin was a bit of a stranger on the subject of wind turbines, as they are often rural and not easy accessible. But getting up and close to them he feels they are less intimidating, and because they are huge structures he feels people obstruct to them because they are intimidating. He clarifies that the exhibition is not meant to be either for or against wind turbines, he’s hoping it gives a view for what kind of role they play in the landscape.

Now Colin hopes to expand this into a larger project, he has focused on just a small part in the UK where people are quite protective of their landscape, he hopes to expand it into other parts of the UK, for instance in Scotland where wind farms are much more prominent on the landscape. He therefore expect peoples attitudes towards them to be quite different than to those of East Anglia.

‘Tilting at windmills’ runs at the Other gallery and cafe, 48 Balls Pond Road, Dalston, London N1 4AP from 14 September 2012 to 10 October 2012.

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