Brixton Energy Strikes Again

Back in March I wrote about the co-operative Brixton Energy, who launched their first project Brixton Energy Solar 1. They’re now ready with their second project, which funnily enough is named Brixton Energy Solar 2.

The concept and the scale of the project is very much in the same lines of Solar 1. This time around they’re installing solar panels on Styles Garden also part of the Loughborough estate.

The site of Brixton Energy Solar 2

It’s a 45kWp Solar PV system, again raised through a community share issue, with an expected return of up to 3%, they’re looking to raise £61,500 where the Solar 1 project was slightly less at £57,800, minimum investment is £250. The shares were launched at 6th of September with 27% of the money raised so far, you can invest at www.brixtonenergy.co.uk.

Co-founder and project manager of Brixton Energy, Agamemnon Otero, said “This is a true community project that has been enabled through the donation of over 1000 hours time invested by a variety of local people who are committed to a clean energy future. It’s great to see the launch of Brixton Energy Solar 2 and the continued support and commitment from local people. Pioneering inner-city co-operatively owned renewable energy projects has been challenging, but we are proving that with the right skills, dedication and commitment, we can all take steps to make clean energy a reality, and we hope other community groups across the UK will be inspired to take action. We want to make Brixton Energy a shining example of inner city community resilience for the next 20 years.

But two elements are new to Brixton Energy Solar 2. It will see the establishment of a community energy fund of which a portion of the money raised will go to, helping with local energy efficiency projects. You can also for the first time use the local Brixton currency, the Brixton Pound to both invest and get your return paid back in.

Also this time around does the project have local support, Cllr Lib Peck of Lambeth Council comments: “The project has huge benefits for the community, including the establishment of a Community Energy Efficiency Fund that will support energy-saving improvements in the local area, such as draught proofing and insulation. This is only the beginning of the story as Lambeth Council is committed to supporting Repowering South London in the co-production of further renewable energy co-operatives on our buildings and housing stock to increase energy security for residents.”

In related news, new stats show that despite a miserable summer and fewer sunshine hours that predicted Brixton Energy Solar 1 actually produced more energy than was predicted.

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