What are you doing for Earth Day 2013?

Earth Day 2013 poster.
Earth Day is held across the world 22nd of April each year and today the theme is: ‘The Face of Climate Change‘ Although it’s generally seen as a North American day of action there is now 192 nations that in one way or another are taking part in Earth Day. Below are two Earth Day 2013 videos: first the official video from the Earth Day network followed by Sierra Club’s Earth Day video. 
The first Earth Day were held in 1970 and it’s thought to have been the beginning of the modern environmental movement. Actions vary widely from local three planting projects, to recycling and generally spreading the message about the threats to the environment and climate change, with the aim of encouraging positive initiatives.  
Are you taking part in Earth Day? Then we will like to hear from you. Tell us your story about why you are doing it and why it’s important to you? Do also send us in photos with it and we will publish it on this blog. If you’re not taking part and don’t agree with the concept of it, then we would like to hear from you too. 
You can email us at: agreenerlifeagreenerworld@gmail.com, tweet us at: @Aglagw_Blog, interact via our Facebook page

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