Denmark’s solar cell production can now be followed live online

Solar installed on an eco house in Denmark.
By Anders Lorenzen

In the last few years, solar PV in Denmark has accelerated due to subsidy schemes making homeowners invest in the technology. While around 500 megawatts that have so far been installed is still far from reaching the capacity of wind power which Denmark are far more known for, the trend of homeowners to instal solar is set to continue.

The Danish grid Energinet minute for minute live tracks the electricity output from the country’s wind turbines, power plants and CHP plants as well as calculating the total electricity consumption and whether Denmark is exporting or importing electricity and calculating the total CO2 emissions from the electricity being used.

But due to demand requests to see what the Danish solar cells are producing, they have now been added to the live electricity monitoring. This means as well as keeping an eye on the electricity levels from Denmarks wind turbines, you can now do the same thing for solar cells.

Energinet says that it can, for the first time, publish exact online measurements of the generation from Denmark’s approx. 90,000 privately-held solar cell plants.

Henning Parbo from Energinet’s department for Market development explains:

“A great deal of companies in the electricity business have requested solar cell figures.
They have requested improved information on how much electricity the solar cells generate. In their experience, it has become more difficult to predict the electricity consumption, and they are certain that the solar cells have played them a trick’’

Energinet gives some evidence to how rapid solar installations have been growing, saying that up until 2012 there were 4,100 solar systems, but today there is approximately 90,000.

On average Solar produces 2% of the Danes, electricity – though during some really hot days in July that number was 13%.

Sub edited by Charlotte Paton

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