Smart electric bikes could see a new boost in the E-bike market

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Image credit to Gi FlyBike.
By Katie Morrey

The sale of electric bikes has grown rapidly over the last few years. With public transport strikes becoming more frequent and the cost and hassle of driving increasing, will the launch of the new ‘smart’ electric bike be the savior for environmentally conscious commuters.
An electric bike (or E-bike) has a small electric motor with rechargeable batteries which assist the rider but must allow the rider to pedal. Typically an E-bike can travel up to 16-20 mph, however, depending in what country you are in there may be restrictions on speed and where you can use it.
An E-bike is an attractive option for commuters. With the success of ‘Boris Bikes‘ (London’s public bike scheme, of which Boris Johnson, Mayor of London pioneered) it is now easier for people to get around the city by cycling. Not only does it stop more pollution being put into the atmosphere, but it is also cheaper and sometimes quicker than public transport or self-driving.
The market for electric bikes has grown in Europe over the last few years, with annual sales rates increasing by 19% and 76% since 2006. However, the market is currently dominated by China, which is estimated to have 85% of global electric bikes sales.  Now the E-bike market has grown into a multi-billion dollar, global market.
Earlier this month the International Lead and Zinc Study Group (ILZSG) held its semi-annual meeting in Lisbon. Their projections for the total number of E-bikes (made with a lead-acid battery) show that demand for E-bike production is leveling off, but ‘the total number of E-bikes on the road is likely to continue to increase‘ Curtis Stewart Director of Economics and Environment, International Lead and Zinc Study Group.

Image Credit to The International Lead and Zinc Study Group and Paul White, the Director of Statistics.
All in all, this shows that while the market may have peaked in China, the largest E-bike producer, the market still has some growing to do in Europe and America. With the launch of a new ‘smart’ bike, that can be locked from 5 meters away via an app and can charge your phone while you pedal the need for ‘smart’ E-bikes may have given the market the boost it needs.

Katie is A greener life, a greener world’s Editorial Assistant. You can read more about her here.

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