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Sigourney Weaver: climate change is here and now and hurts Americans – video

Photo credit: Reuters / Mike Segar. 
By Anders Lorenzen

American actress, Sigourney Weaver, has launched a scathing attack on Donald Trump. She is lambasting him for his views on climate change, which he calls a hoax.

Weaver made the statements when addressing the Democratic Convention (DNC), as the Democratic Party formally announced that Hillary Clinton would be the party’s presidential candidate. She spoke as she was introducing a pro- Democratic Party short film on climate change, made by Titanic film director, James Cameron.

The Alien star, who identifies herself as an environmentalist, said that climate change is an urgent problem which must be addressed here and now and that it is not a far- away problem that might affect Americans in the future. “People’s life is affected by climate change” she stated, and emphasised, “our future is at risk”. She cited examples of climate change and its impact on, for instance, a rancher in Texas who is losing his cattle because there is no grass and a farmer in Kansas whose crops are dying because there is no rain.

She asked if Donald Trump could look those people in the eye and tell them climate change is a hoax? The Alien star intensified her attack on him and said: “he doesn’t care about their pain”. She concluded by saying she has full confidence in Hillary Clinton’s ability to address climate change saying: “She gets it. She cares. She is committed. She understands taking a stand against climate is not about politics, it is about our moral obligation to one another.”

The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, also weighed in on Donald Trump’s stance on climate change by saying: “make no mistake, climate change is real. But you wouldn’t know it by listening to Donald Trump. Last week at the Republican Convention, he listed a series of dark threats, but not once mentioned climate change or global warming. Trump says global warming is a hoax, I say Trump is a fraud.” Brown turning to his state of California, and the severe drought there, which has impacted the state for years: “Trump says there is no drought in California, I say Trump lies.”

Many to the left part of the Democratic Party, many of them Bernie Sanders supporters, have concerns about what Hillary Clinton’s response to climate change will be if elected. Even with the top billing that climate change claimed on the last day of the DNC, not everyone is convinced.  Filmmaker Josh Fox, hardened Bernie Sanders supporter and Clinton critic, tweeted that Democrats who support fracking are also climate deniers, thereby calling Clinton a denier.

However, Weaver`s message drummed home the Democratic climate change message and flooded the internet with climate change articles. The party is adamant in stressing ,that with Clinton at the helm they, unlike the Republican Party, would not only make sure climate change is addressed but also that it remains a top priority.

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