Thousands take to the streets in Washington to protest Trump’s attack on the environment and climate change legislation



Photo credit: majunznk via Flickr.

By Anders Lorenzen

On Saturday, thousands of protesters took to the streets of Washington DC to protest Trump’s attack on the environment, including his plans to roll back Obama’s climate change efforts.

Organisers say 200,000 people took to the streets to voice their support for action on climate change. Noticeable names included Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson, former US Vice President and climate advocate Al Gore.

The march was planned to coincide with Trump’s 100th day in office and a host of smaller marches took place across the US and the rest of the world.

Below we have collected a few of some of the creative messages protesters uploaded to Instagram showing whilst they walked their route to the White House, where the march ended.

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The environment is for lovers 💚

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