New data-led approach to marketing drives value for the green sector

Green Marketing

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By Alex Wares

The marketing of environmentally friendly products and services (green marketing) is becoming increasingly significant as more people become concerned with environmental issues and decide that they want to spend their money in a way that is kinder to the planet.

However, finding like-minded organisations and individuals can be tricky as there are any number of people in the decision-making chain that could be completely hidden from view and they could be potential blockers of deals. Identifying these key influencers and understanding their needs in real time is vital so that messages can be tailored accordingly.

In response to this, we have launched a new intelligence-led B2B marketing agency called Transmission, where we leverage the power of data to create targeted, bespoke marketing campaigns that drive engagement and deliver true return on investment. It has been created to provide the green sector with accessible and highly sophisticated B2B marketing solutions, which are designed to support the creation of quality sales leads – and helping to satisfy those management teams that focus on ROI.


MD of Transmission Alex Wares.

This can also greatly help companies that want to elevate lead generation. For most companies “needing more leads” is their #1 challenge, with “prospects not knowing who we are” ranking as #2. Unfortunately, the traditional marketing tactics typically employed to tackle challenge #1 don’t really help in addressing #2.

We help clients circumvent this problem. Using a unique blend of tech and intent data we identify the most qualified and engaged prospects ‘surging’ around topics of interest and pain-points our clients can help to solve. We then analyse the decision-making units across these businesses and determine where and when they fit into the decision-making process. In doing so, we can tailor each piece of content accordingly for various individuals or personas and deliver the most relevant messaging at the most poignant time. Ultimately by focusing on accounts as markets of one, a cluster or many delivers more sales-qualified leads (SQL) and dramatically shortened sales cycles.

This approach is known as Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and is relatively new outside the technology industry. We believe it will allow our green clients to proficiently target the right people in the most effective way – leading to an increase in engagement. When done correctly, ABM cuts wastage and maximises the efficiencies of marketing budgets. It is worth noting that in the technology sector, where adoption of ABM has been the highest to date, 97% of marketers said this approach yielded a higher ROI than any other activity.

In addition, we appreciate that those marketing teams operating within the sector continue to face pressure in terms of productivity and ROI. That is why we took the decision to bring together a number of specialist teams, under one roof, to deliver a fully integrated solution from campaign conception to delivery. This ensures any content is completely fit for purpose, has maximum impact, minimum wastage and is fully measurable. It also removes the need for green businesses to employ multiple agencies and delivers increased efficiency.

In conclusion, with the right approach and agency, green organisations can identify and target those companies having the highest propensity to buy their services or products by understanding their needs and aligning sales and marketing efforts to deliver big wins.

Alex Wares is the MD at Transmission.

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