Six reasons why the future of tech is green


Photo credit: American Power Association via Unsplash.

Technology and the environment can often seem like two opposing forces pulling in different directions. As we increase our technological dependence we also increase the severity of the climate emergency. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. In the future technology will protect and enhance nature.

1. Carbon capture

One of the primary causes of climate change is the amount of CO2 we pump into the atmosphere. Cars, planes, and manufacturing all make this worse. Our technology has been destroying our environment. Not anymore. Scientists and engineers are putting their minds to the formidable task of reversing the damage we have done to the atmosphere. Carbon capture technology allows us to remove CO2 directly from the air. This technology is rapidly coming down in price and big corporations, such as Chevron, are investing in it.


Photo credit: Janaya Dasiuk via Unsplash.

2. Electrical appliances are getting recycled more often

The cost of mass manufacturing is an increase in CO2 emissions, depletion of resources, and the need for large landfills for old appliances. Recycling allows us to reduce all these issues. Recycling large appliances reuses the materials. It also simplifies the manufacturing process and prevents them from going to a landfill. It’s not possible to recycle such items yourself. Fortunately, more companies are now providing this service. Some, like Currys, will often collect and recycle old appliances when they deliver new ones.


Photo credit: LinkedIn Sales Navigator via Unsplash.

3. Technology makes us more efficient

The internet has enhanced our communications. We now can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. This allows global business meetings to take place online, instead of having executives fly around the globe. Email and video conferencing have enabled remote working. This cuts down how often we commute, reducing pollution and the need for more cars. The internet has allowed us to collect more data, and we can use this information to improve our production processes.


Photo credit: Erriko Boccia via Unsplash.

4. If it’s not sustainable it’s not marketable

Climate and the environment are top priorities for young people. More consumers than ever before want to know about the sustainability of the products they buy. Issues, such as single-use plastics, have become important to people. Brands have to respond and offer sustainable products to remain relevant.



5. Green energy

Our reliance on fossil fuels caused climate change. Extracting coal and oil from the Earth has come at a massive cost. This will soon be a thing of the past. The green energy revolution is here. In 2018, a combination of renewable energy and low-carbon nuclear energy produced 53% of Britain’s energy. Wind power alone could produce 30% of the UK’s energy by 2030. Green energy technology is becoming cheaper and more efficient every year.


Photo credit Noah Buscher via Unsplash.

6. Green innovations 

The climate emergency has brought out the best in people. The greatest and brightest minds of this generation are working towards creating new green technology. More efficient ways to capture wind and solar energy are being discovered all the time. Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular and electric planes could be on the way too. The creation of synthetic meat could mean the end of unsustainable livestock

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