US 2020 Election: Green Voices – Ep 9 – Lindsay Meiman – How should the Biden administration tackle the climate crisis?

Lindsay Meiman.

By Anders Lorenzen

While Donald Trump is still refusing to concede that he lost the election it is clear that Joe Biden will be the next US President. This will mean a president which will take the climate crisis more seriously than Trump.

To discuss this, I spoke to Lindsay Meiman from 350 Action, a sister organisation to 350 Action works on the 350 group’s electoral work on things like endorsing candidates and making sure climate change is addressed in the elections.

Lindsay and I spoke about how big an issue climate change was in this election cycle, and whether there was any synergy between which voters think climate is a major issue and who they voted for.

We also touched on the worrying rhetoric of misinformation and science denial which have dominated this election campaign.

And we discussed what the priority must be from the incoming Biden administration when talking office on the 20th of January, especially what can be done on Day 1. 

Meiman also explained what she and 350 Action will push the administration on and what they will do to hold them accountable.

Here and here are two active campaigns you can get involved with as explained by Meiman.

You can watch the full interview below.

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