Why we’re taking the Tar Sands battle to Copenhagen

As I stare out of the window and look at the blue sky, you can’t help to be met with optimism and the fact that the city I’m in is Copenhagen doesn’t reduce that optimism. It’s a city that is developing into being a blueprint of what a green and sustainable city should look like. But regardless of the green praises that both Copenhagen and Denmark continue to harvest, there is something rotten in the state of Denmark…

In fact the rotten bit is in Canada, more precisely in Alberta  where the most energy intensive and environmentally destructive energy project on our planet are being carried out, the Canadian Tar Sands. While this insane project is going, it’s undermining all the great green developments that’s happening on our planet. To deal with climate change we must first and foremost deal with the Alberta Tar Sands, and as Nasa Scientist James Hansen says ‘ The biggest Carbon bomb on earth’  

The rotten bit lies in the fact that while Danes are green and leading a green future, they seem unaware of the severe destruction that’s happening and Canada and that’s scaling any climate effort back. The danes need to know about Tar Sands and in this the Danish media holds a huge responsibility as they until now have almost been completely silent on the matter, only the national broadcaster DR (Danmarks Radio) and a few climate oriented papers seem to be slowly waking up to the disaster of the Tar Sands. This is why I’m in Copenhagen and that’s why we as a set of individuals passionate about this a few months ago launched the movement Denmark against Tar Sands with the aim of launching an event for the International Stop the Tar Sands Day on the 5th of May. Since then we have continued to grow and when 350 announced climate dots – connecting the dots also on the 5th of May we thought nothing would be more fitting to link up to this on our 5th of May event.

The Danish government are committed to a clean future and have announced to be 100% renewable 2050, though during our investigation we have uncovered that danish pension funds  are investing a minimum 2.5 billion danish kroner in some of the largest oil companies who we know is largely involved in Tar Sands. We believe the Danes and in some cases maybe the pension funds don’t know where their money is going and we hope they will be horrified to learn of the truth. We will be asking the danish pension fund for an explanation and to withdraw their investment in Tar Sands activities.

In Canada and the US there is a strong stop the tar sands movement, something that we have still got to see in Europe, spreading information about what is happening there is a great way for open our eyes to those insanities.

Our friends in London is also seizing the opportunity to link Tar Sands to climate dots.

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