Is extreme weather making a case for renewables?

Could more of these give New York and other cities a resilience against extreme weather?

By Anders Lorenzen

Is extreme weather making a case for an upscale in renewable energy and a move towards more decentralised energy? If you ask Gasland director and anti fracking campaigner, Josh Fox, the answer is yes. In the wake of the New York heat wave that prompted power outages and  the largest ever power usage, he tweeted:

Hot weather bites from New York to London

Last Friday temperatures in New York reached a staggering 38 degrees celsius and if you were to reach colder temperatures than 32 degrees, then you would have had to travel to Alaska, which was the only state measuring below that. But even outside the US countries were struggling with the heat. in London, on Tuesday this week, the warmest day since 2006 was recorded, in a heat wave spell that lasted for over a week, before culminating on Tuesday evening in spectacular thunderstorms and heavy rain. Though temperatures are a few degrees cooler than the 34 degrees measured on Tuesday, the heatwave and hot weather are likely to stay for the time being.

As climate change is set to accelerate in the coming years and decades, scientists are warning us that even though we can’t attribute one single weather event to climate change. The frequency and severity of extreme weather will be on the increase and city planners will face the huge task of preparing for them and protecting infrastructure and business as usual with power flowing. Will an increase in decentralised energy be on their to do list?

Sub edited by Charlotte Paton

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